Our commitment to providing quality client service drives our stringent screening, recruitment, training and testing programs. Our employees have deep industry experience (some with 20 to 30 years’ experience in the industry) and are chosen for their specialised knowledge and skill. This helps to ensure that our new employees meet our expected standard level of service.As clients, your contributions are valuable. We invite you to help customise our recruitment process as well as participate in the assessment and training programs to ensure employees are familiar with your processes from the start.

Employees undergo relevant induction program, first aid, health and safety training as well as on-site training. Those hired for a specific project attend a site-specific training that has been customised to your requirements. Ongoing training in customer services and communication skills are also conducted to ensure staff are conversant in these areas. Some are given the opportunity to gain further qualification through an industry approved training provider.

We assist employees to further develop their skills through structured training programs. We believe in investing in our employees’ careers and encourage them to gain relevant formal qualifications. All employees have equal access to training and development and a range of courses that are offered nationally.